About Hattitude Ltd.

"Ensure you standout from the crowd!"

Hattitude was established in 1998 supplying hats, headpieces, jewellery and handbags to some of the leading boutiques in both Northern and Southern Ireland. As agents for Failsworth Millinery, we provide the most recent trends and a wide range of colours available in the hats wholesale industry.

Also providing the finest jewellery ranges to the market. As agents for Riana Jewellery, an up-market costume collection with a vast selection of necklaces, bracelets and rings in both sterling silver and gold & silver plated.

As well we are stockists of KS Design Jewellery, scarves and handbags. This is the type of jewellery range that will appeal to your more colourful side.

"We are agents for..."

    Failsworth Millinery
    Riana Jewellery Collection
    KS Design Jewellery